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Congratulations to our new Reps and Secretariat Members

After our recent call for nominations, we are delighted to welcome 4 new people to our team of Secretariat and Representatives.. See their bios below:

Ena Howell (I.C.A.)- Secretariat and JPC

I have been involved with the I.C.A. for 40 years. It is a community-based organisation that focuses on the needs of women in the community. We have a long tradition of support, fun and friendship. We work with other organisations on events and fundraise for local services both at local and national level. We provide courses and classes for members and non-members in our residential college in Drogheda, Co. Louth ‘An Grianan’- Our Home from Home for All.

Donal Kissane (Atlantic View Residents Association)- Secretariat and Housing SPC

I am a professional Chartered Engineer and MBA with over 20 years’ experience working both in Ireland and internationally in energy and sustainability. I am passionate about sustainability and promoting energy efficiency and sustainable practices for the built environment. I am a tireless and passionate advocate for protecting and developing Ireland’s green and blue spaces to benefit our health and wellbeing. I firmly believe that our health is impacted by the air we breathe, the water we drink, the noise levels we experience, the food we eat and the open spaces we spend time in. Government and other decision-making stakeholders do not always act to protect and develop our green and blues spaces for the health and wellbeing of Ireland’s citizens.I believe the PPN process introduced in the 2014 Local Government Reform Act Green has a key role to play in this decision-making process, to actively advocate for development and protection of our green and blue spaces including parks, coasts, lakes and rivers, forests and bogs. I am actively involved in various community groups in the Crosshaven and Myrtleville. I have extensive experience in planning and development. I designed and built one of the first houses to the zero energy passive standard in Cork and this is included in the European Passive House Database. I am a former chair of Energy Cork and also a former chair of the Energy, Environment and Climate Action Division of Engineers Ireland. I have keen interest in the outdoors and promoting sports and outdoor activities, and am a GAA and Camógie referee and coach.

Gerry Moore (Carrigaloe Community Association)- Secretariat

Born Drogheda 1955. Education- St Joseph’s CBS primary and secondary, Drogheda Vocational School, The Open University (Social Science). Career- 1971 Apprentice Motor Mechanic, 1972-76 Army, 1976-2004 Prison Service. Served in Portlaoise, Dublin and later, Spike Island in Administration. Retired 2004. Voluntary member Society of St Vincent de Paul. Founding Member Cobh Youth Services and Cobh No Name Club. Co-Founded Carrigaloe Community Association. Chairman 2014 – 2021.

Peter Kidney (Cobh Summer Swing)- Social Inclusion, Community and Rural Development SPC

Peter Kidney has been involved in community activities for the past 20 years including the Summer Swings which was set up with the Cobh and Harbour Chamber of Commerce. He is also a founding member of the Cobh Readers and Writers group. Also a member of the vitality mental health group.

Community Buddy Training Programme

The Community Buddy/Peer Support team invites all community and residents’ groupsto join their Online Training Programme 07th of June 2022

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