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Why Join the PPN?

As a member of Cork County PPN, you will have a greater say in local government decisions which affect your community. The PPN is now the main way that local authorities connect with groups active in their area. By joining the PPN, you will be kept informed of available grants and funding as well as public consultations, events, resources and supports. You will also have access to free or subsidised training throughout the year.

Benefits of joining

By joining Cork County PPN you will get:

  • Access to relevant information on funding and grants coming through Cork County Council
  • The opportunity to advertise your activities on our newsletter, website and social media
  • Access to capacity building and training events which support you in your work
  • Access to information on decisions and proposals being made in Cork County and the ability to comment on and input to them
  • An opportunity to network with and learn from other organisations in Cork County who may be involved in similar types of projects
  • The opportunity to become part of a Linkage Group for a Board or Committee of interest and be able to have your views heard and contribute to local policy
  • The opportunity to nominate members to sit on a Board or Committee on behalf of Cork County PPN

Who can join?

It is free to join and membership is open to groups that meet the following criteria:

  • Are active and with a postal address in Cork county
  • Operate on a not-for profit basis
  • Are volunteer-led 
  • Are independent
  • Have at least 3 members and are open to new members
  • Have an appropriate governance structure e.g. set of rules / constitution / financial procedures
  • Meet regularly
  • Are in existence for at least six months
  • Are non-party political

How to join?

The explanations below will help you if you have questions on how to fill out certain fields on the form:

Municipal Districts

Groups register by the Municipal District in which they operate. Cork County has 8 Municipal Districts- Kanturk-Mallow, Fermoy, Macroom, Carrigaline, Cobh East Cork, Bandon-Kinsale and West Cork.

To find out what district you belong to, please use this map of the municipal districts of County Cork.

The Colleges

On becoming a member of a PPN, each organisation is asked to select its College (also known as Pillar) which represents their main interest.

There are 3 colleges:

  • Community and Voluntary
  • Social Inclusion
  • Environmental
Community and Voluntary College
Community and Voluntary College
Social Inclusion College
Social Inclusion College
Environmental College
Environmental College

Community and Voluntary

The Community and Voluntary College is for Member Groups whose main focus is on community responses to local issues and who have activities that promote the overall wellbeing in their community. Examples of Member Groups in this College include Residents’ Associations, Community Councils, Active Retirement Groups, Arts Groups, Youth Groups and so on.

Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion College consists of Member Groups involved in working to improve the life chances and opportunities of those who are marginalised in society; those living in poverty; or those in unemployment using community development approaches to build sustainable communities. Examples of organisations in this College include Traveller groups, groups supporting new communities, people with disabilities, mental health and suicide awareness groups, Women’s groups and so on.


The Environmental College consists of Member Groups whose main aims and activities are Environmental (i.e. ecological) protection and / or environmental sustainability. Such activities include permanent protection of wildlife, species specific care, organic horticulture or education, environmental education or protection, environmental sustainability, resource efficiency and recycling, invasive alien species prevention/ removal.