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What are Linkage Groups?

Linkage Groups are the way that PPN Member Groups can have a real input into policy in their area of operation. Linkage Groups bring together organisations with a common interest to discuss their views and interests in a specific policy area linked to Committee or Board with PPN Representation.

Joining a PPN Linkage Group

Each Member Group is encouraged to join one or more of the PPN’s Linkage Groups. These are specific-purpose sub-groups of the PPN matched to Local Authority Committees or Boards and other agencies in the Local Authority area. These groups nominate, and in some cases elect PPN Representatives to Boards or Committees, receive feedback from those Representatives, and direct their activity by holding meetings to discuss the issues that may come up and feeding into the Representatives mandate for the Board or Committee meeting. They may also input into consultations on behalf of PPN. This helps the Member Groups to gain a deeper understanding of the local policy process as they get to discuss the work of these Boards or Committees with the Representative, provide inputs for the Representative to carry forward at their meetings and get feedback from the Representative.

It is important to note that the role of a Linkage Group is to facilitate and enable organisations to voice a wide range of views and interests within the local government system. It is intended to add to the participation of Member Groups, not replace or reduce it in any way.

Cork County PPN Linkage Groups