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Peatland Community Engagement Scheme 2023

Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2023
A Chara,
I am writing to highlight the recent announcement by Minister of State Malcolm
Noonan of up to €500,000 in funding for community-led projects under the
Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2023.
Projects eligible for funding will include a diverse range of peatland initiatives
that offer a community benefit, ranging from events to education programmes,
conservation management plans, restoration measures, feasibility studies,
public amenity and recreational projects, plans to deal with invasive species,
and fire control measures.
There are two categories of funding available:
Category 1 – Designated sites (SAC / SPA / NHA)
Grants available under Category 1 will be between €1,000 and €40,000, with
the maximum grant being 80% of the costs of the project.
Category 2 – Undesignated sites
Grants available under Category 2 will be between €500 and €20,000, with the
maximum grant available being 80% of the cost of the project.
As you know, Ireland’s raised bogs, blanket bogs and fens are special and
unique places that play an important role in our biodiversity, well-being,
natural and cultural heritage.
The scheme is designed to support the conservation and revitalisation of
raised bog, blanket bog and fen, including in Special Areas of
Conservation (SACs) and Natural Heritage Areas (NHAs), and most
especially to encourage communities and local organisations to become
involved in the enhancement of their wetland and peatland natural
heritage and raise awareness of environmental concerns connected to
these habitats.
I would be grateful if you would bring the scheme to the attention of any
community groups or organisations in your local area that you feel might be
eligible to apply. Please also feel free to share information about the scheme on
your website and social media accounts.
The closing date for applications for 2023 projects is 5 May 2023. A
copy of the application form for the scheme and the Terms and Conditions
are attached for ease of reference, and are also available at
Thank you in anticipation for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me
if you have any questions or would like any further information about the
scheme. If you would like to direct enquiries from groups or individuals to this
section, they can reach us at .