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Public Participation Networks Annual Report 2019

2019 has been another remarkable year in the development of PPNs nationally. The continued growth in the number of groups affiliated to the PPN is a testament to the great work being done on the ground nationally. At the end of 2019, PPN membership nationally stood at 15,599, an increase of some 1,600 over the 2018 figure and this increase in membership has continued into 2020.

In this, the 2019 Annual Report, you will see first-hand the impact of the work of PPNs throughout the country. PPN representatives have contributed to local government policy and decision-making across a wide range of matters such as byelaws on open spaces (parks, beaches), transport routes, and restructuring the LEADER programme. PPNs have also been used as a vehicle for a range of consultations and collaborations with local authorities nationwide, including on the Healthy Counties initiative, Digital Strategy Consultation Workshops, and the development of Biodiversity Plans. Much of this work was enabled by the engagement of a Support Worker in 2019 by each PPN, funded by the Department, to assist the Resource Worker in their day-to-day activities.

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Plenary 2023

Dear PPN Members, Our Plenary is on Thursday 26th of October in the Orel House in Ballincollig at 7.30. Please keep an eye on your emails for more details.

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